Aliou Diouf

Aliou Diouf

Vice President, Employee Health & Benefits at Marsh & McLennan Agency, LLC; Vox Futura, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber 


What brought you to Cincinnati region and why did you stay?

Born in Senegal, my family and I moved to Cincinnati in early 2002, just prior to my eighth birthday. My mother, Die Dieng, who was a practicing MD in Senegal at the time sacrificed her career to ensure my siblings and I had access to a great education. Upon graduating from Central State University, I chose to return to Cincinnati in order to better my community, jumpstart my insurance consulting career in a vibrant economic region, and serve as a role model for my family and younger siblings.

I currently work at Marsh, a Global Leading Risk Advisory & Insurance Brokerage Firm, providing comprehensive Employee Health and Benefit solutions to companies and organizations, and serve on Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s Vox Futura Board.

Why is it important to welcome immigrants and refugees to the Cincinnati region?

For the Cincinnati region to grow and prosper, we must continue to deepen our talent pool, diversify our talent base and more importantly keep that talent in the region. To ensure minority communities stay and grow in the region, we must confront and defeat systematic oppression and transform Cincinnati into a more equitable and inclusive city. As a 6’7 black man, I fear every run or walk may be my last, simply because someone else may deem me a threat. However, every smile, wave, hello, and friendly “did you play football?”, quickly remind me why I stay and have faith in a more inclusive, just society and system. Having honest conversations and ensuring freedom and access for all is what we need to ensure immigrant communities stay and grow in this region. 


How can we create a more vibrant and welcoming region?

Each individual and organization has a part to play in creating a more vibrant and welcoming region. For organizations, HR policies and hiring practices should be analyzed and amended to develop companies that are more inclusive and strengthen our region. For us to become a truly global region, we must become leaders and advocates for an inclusive, welcoming and equitable region. This means recruiting at HBCU’s and broadening your diverse talent pool, developing strategic internship and mentorship opportunities for minority and immigrant communities, and having honest and difficult conversations as an organization. Individually, the most important thing we can do is lead with empathy and sell with love. Simply stated, “love thy neighbor”.



The University of Cincinnati, which today has more than 3,000 international students, was the first investor in Cincinnati Compass. UC's early and significant support made it possible to build and launch this portal in 2016. The City of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber express their sincere appreciation for UC's contribution to immigrant welcoming and integration in our region.

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